Democrats’ claims are hoaxes

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Bob Grise, St. Joseph

Dennis Dalman’s recent column reminds us that all the Democrats have for 2020 are hoaxes, hyperbole and hysteria and the same type of ideas that ground our economy to a near halt under Obama.

After reading Dalman’s 13 points, I wondered if he had heard the news Trump didn’t collude with “The Russians.”  Mr. Dalman, the House impeachment articles did not accuse Trump of any crimes, misdemeanors or bribery. Dershowitz noticed that – you didn’t? Why is it OK to have Trump and his family investigated 24/7, but we can’t investigate Democrat candidates? Dennis, did you hear about the doubling of the standard income tax deduction? That helped the middle class, not the rich. Low gas prices have been a blessing too, something we would not have without fracking, something the Democrats want to ban. As for bumbling, that was Obama’s deal – bad economy, open borders, Middle East failures, Obama was the real King – the food assistance King.

Trump supporters are happy to see Trump stand up to those in the FBI, Department of Justice and State Department that have tried to undermine him. Trump won the election, not some bureaucrat.

Democrat-pedaled hoaxes have driven Trump’s poll numbers up. Now the Democrats hyperbole will seal a Trump re-election. Hyperbole means “statements or claims not meant to be taken literally,” which nicely describes most Democrat comments on Trump, including 12 of 13 of Dalman’s points.

“Making America Great Again” does not mean going back to the 1950s. The 1980s and 90s will do, a time of lower taxes, lower government spending, when regulations were more reasonable. Democrat cries that Trump policies are an “imminent threat” are easily seen as laughable hyperbole. Democrat strategist James Carville suggested the Democrats “wake up and talk about things that are relevant to people.” Impeachment, the Russian collusion hoax, the climate change hoax and the constant smearing of President Trump are NOT relevant to making our lives better.

Author: Mike Knaak

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