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Steve Meyer, St. Joseph

This November, we need to elect someone who we can trust to represent us as the tie-breaking vote in the Minnesota Senate.

Shortly after the 2016 election, I was at a social gathering with some friends. Joe Perske was there as well, and when the presidential election came up, Joe explained he had been a supporter of self-proclaimed Democratic-Socialist Bernie Sanders. Now I hear Joe saying he is a “zealous moderate.” This is Joe’s second time running as a Democrat and I just can’t believe him. I’m tired of politicians who will say whatever they think will get them elected. The question is. Who really is Joe?

The Democrats state they want to fix health care, the only problem is the situation we have is because of what they passed. The push is for Medicare for everyone, the problem is Medicare is headed for insolvency and that would make it insolvent at a record pace.

Compare that to the Republican candidate Jeff Howe. As a decorated veteran and retired firefighter, Jeff has proven he has integrity and a commitment to his community and country. Jeff is a straight shooter and as a state representative, he’s consistently done what he said he will do at the Capitol. Jeff’s work in the legislature helped to lower health-care costs, protected those with pre-existing conditions, cut taxes for families and seniors, plus Jeff has a 100 percent pro-life record.

I trust Jeff Howe to be our senator. Vote Jeff Howe on Nov. 6.


Author: Mike Knaak

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