Kamala Harris fails the skin test

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Bob Grise, St. Joseph

Elections are coming up so the St. Joseph NewsLeader has brought back the one note Samba, Dennis Dalman, to smear President Trump. The insults come hard and fast in Dalman’s recent column. Dalman calls Trump abysmal, a mishandler, a liar, notorious, in denial, dismissive of all facts, deluded, a blamer, speaks nonsense, sinking in a hole he keeps digging deeper, in a flailing panic, unstable, a broken saboteur, trying to hold on to power in his “Pretend Presidency.” Dennis, is that all you got? What happened to Trump’s a Russki, a baby killer and cheats at cards?  

In the same edition Mike Knaak chimes in “Trump is totally unprepared and unfit for any elective office.” So a 74-year-old man who has 22,000 employees is unfit and unprepared, but Obama was and Harris is? That’s rich! Biden said he would pick a Black woman. Harris is a woman, but Black? If racism is about prejudice against dark-skinned people, Harris fails the test as her skin is as white as mine and I’m French and Danish! I don’t think anybody with dark brown skin is going to feel any affinity with Harris, race-wise. Bad pick/poor judgment by Biden, but that’s how he rolls.

Dalman reminds us we don’t live in a perfect world, but constantly moving the goal posts on what it means to be a successful president while at the same time moving the goal posts the other way on what counts as a peaceful protest, (arson and looting) isn’t going to fly. We see the big cities run by Democrats being destroyed. Hence it’s a cinch Trump gets re-elected. Six Democrat mayors from Minnesota’s Iron Range have seen the light and have endorsed Trump. Maybe there is hope for Knaak and Dalman.

Author: Ellarry Prentice

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