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Juliana Howard, St. Joseph

Did you know since 2004, 2,000 American newspapers have gone out of business?  These days of COVID-19 are particularly difficult for local newspapers, such as The Newsleaders, which is distributed free of charge. I wonder if we really appreciate the importance of having a local paper that does such a good job of covering community events, bringing to our attention current issues, keeping us educated on city government and  building community in so many ways.

In a recent Fresh Air podcast on MPR which aired on Aug. 3, it was stated that “… the decline of local news is a crisis as serious as spreading  disinformation on the internet.”

We are indeed lucky to have such a fine local paper. Consider subscribing and/or making a contribution to keep it alive. It is a vital part of our community  which  is easy to take  for granted.

Let’s make sure it doesn’t become a statistic.


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