Letter: Trump’s success will trump Democrats’ hoaxes

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I see our favorite dyed-in-the-wool liberal, Dennis Dalman, has come out of retire-ment to fight against Democratic elections. That’s my take of Dalman’s recent column where he asks if it is time to impeach President Trump. Trump has been investigated for three years and I have yet to hear of one high crime or misdemeanor. There certainly wasn’t a Trump crime mentioned in Dalman’s column.

Apparently many Democrats and Never Trumpers think the victim of false accu-sations, (President Trump) should now be kicked out of office, overturning an election, because Trump is a Russian agent? No, because Trump’s rational agenda for the U.S. differs from the everything-will-be-free, blue sky and open borders that is being peddled by Democrat candidates.

President Trump has lessened the stranglehold big government had on our economy and GDP growth took off! The leaders of the Democrat party can’t compete with Trump’s success in office so instead they promise free stuff and peddle hoaxes. You know, Trump’s- a-Russian-agent hoax, Republicans-are-racist hoax, socialism-works hoax, the climate-change hoax, the rich-don’t-pay-their-fair-share hoax, the green-energy-is-cleaner-and-more-efficient hoax. Let’s not forget the we-are-running-out-of-oil hoax, as gasoline prices are headed towards two bucks and maybe under, largely because of fracking – something many Democ-rats were against.

Thank you Attorney General Barr for correctly pointing out President Trump can’t obstruct justice by exercising his Constitutional duties. In other words, Bob Mueller and his special, (not independent) counsel of Democrats were employees of Trump’s executive branch of government. The American people elected Trump to be in charge, not Mueller and his conflicted team.

No Americans colluded or conspired with the Russian government to elect Trump. Not even the tax-evading Paul Manafort. 2020 here we come. Trump’s successes in office will trump Democrat hoaxes! I’m still waiting for a Dalman column on Obama’s somewhat dubious background and Hillary Clinton’s obvious law breaking. I won’t hold my breath.

Author: Mike Knaak

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