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David Hiedeman, Sauk Rapids

I have known Alex Lewandowski since he was a student in my first-grade classroom. I have watched him grow up over the years to become the outstanding person he is today. I have also had the privilege of working with him as a coach in youth-sports programs. Through those programs he developed strong leadership skills, effective interpersonal skills and a great rapport with the families in our programs.

I have always known Alex to be reliable, honest and hard-working in everything he does, both as a student, and as a coach. He works well with others and takes initiative to get things done. He is also very good at making decisions and leading others to follow through to develop effective programs for families.

Alex is very open-minded and willing to listen to suggestions for improvement. He leads in a very positive and calming manner, which has always been one of his strongest qualities. Those skills would serve him greatly as a Sartell City Council member. I have no doubt he would be open-minded, practical and represent his community well. I also see him as having a strong vision for the future and working hard to make changes that would make the community better for everyone.

I would strongly encourage you to consider voting for Alex for city council. He will work his hardest to represent you and make positive changes for your community. His strong leadership skills and great character are important traits for any person in a leadership role. Alex and his family are proud members of the community, with a vested interest in making Sartell a great place to live and work.

Author: Ellarry Prentice

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