Puzzled about abortion rights

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Jim Kuebelbeck, St. Joseph

I have a question. I am baffled. I am totally puzzled. Perhaps some reader can enlighten me. How can any moral person affiliate themselves with a political party or candidate whose political platform includes (demands) the right of a woman to freely kill her unborn child if she so chooses. I happen to live in an area with two local religious communities. In talking to some members of these communities I have questioned them about their stated support for such a political party which supports such a radical view about the value of human life. Their weak answer is that I must be a “single issue” person and that there are other important issues to consider. When I then ask what other issues could be more important than taking the life of an innocent unborn baby, they become strangely silent. So I am still puzzled how anyone can arrive at such a mindset. Perhaps some reader can enlighten me. If not, perhaps at the end of my days on earth my Creator will provide the answer.


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