Reader responds to gun violence Editorial and Letter

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Kay Steiner, Sartell

You are absolutely right Erin. Someone should have shown benevolence to Cruz when he demonstrated mental disability and anger and put out terror messages. For Pete’s Sake! This person was on medication, his “adoptive” parents were aware, the school knew, the FBI knew and the police knew.

You are right! The students needed protection from police, FBI, “paid adoptive parents” and school officials. They did not do their job.

Violence and people on drugs is not going to quit anytime soon nor without some strategic changes in drug and psychiatric policies in this country and unfortunately also immigration policies… as demonstrated by the attack of a Muslim on shoppers at the St. Cloud shopping center a year ago.

He didn’t have a gun but the fact also remains… guns don’t kill people and knives don’t kill people. It would seem not even people kill people, but bad policies kill people.

You have your freedom because patriots took up firearms and defended your liberty (this includes my three sons who volunteered) when it is your turn will you volunteer? In the meantime, study policy… guns and knives don’t kill people! They are inanimate! Capisce!

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