City administrator to retire after serving 30+ years

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by Stephanie Dickrell

After 33 years, Judy Weyrens will say goodbye to city hall, retiring as city administrator this summer.

The City Council accepted Weyrens’ resignation at Monday’s meeting, with a vote of four to one, with council member Troy Goracke dissenting.

“We accept this with regret, Judy,” said Mayor Rick Schultz. “I’m overwhelmed with the amount of work you’ve put in over the last 30 years.”

The city has been working on a number of major projects in recent months, including road and infrastructure improvements and considering an affordable housing development.

“I really appreciate the opportunity,” Weyrens said.

Her last day will be July 12.

“I expect there will be some transitioning up to that point and possibly later,” Schultz said.

Council member Anne Buckvold expressed her appreciation as well.

“I’ve only been on the council for a year, but I think what you’ve brought to the city has just been invaluable,” she said. “I’m really sorry to see you go.”

City council members will meet during the next few weeks to determine which steps they need to take next. Council member Bob Loso said he was a part of the hiring process for an administrator about 20 years ago, when Weyrens was hired.

“The process back then worked very, very well,” Loso said. “I’d like to kind of resurrect that process.”

Buckvold agreed the process was important.

“Whatever the process is to find a replacement, I think we need to be really thoughtful and take the time to find the right person, because it’s a lot of work,” she said. “I don’t think people always understand and appreciate the amount of work it is and what you’ve done for the city. So, thank you.”

Weyrens said she started at the city as a secretary in 1986, moving on to working in finance before becoming the administrator.

She’s not sure what’s next for her. She plans to stay in the area near family and friends. She can also dig into another of her passions: quilting. “I’m still working on that,” Weyrens said.

“It’s a big change. … I’m looking for new opportunities.”

Author: Stephanie Dickrell

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