Branch library not yet possible in Sartell

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by Amber Roerick

The possibility for a branch library that would be a part of the Great River Regional Library system is not yet possible for the city of Sartell, said Kirsty Smith, director of the Great River Regional Library.

For at least six years, the city of Sartell has been looking into getting a new branch library without success. No forward motions have been made during city council meetings for the new branch library, and the recent discussion at a Sartell council meeting was for a possible grant.

“There may be some money available in the form of a grant,” Smith said. “However, with the economy in its current state, the money is not available at this time.”

It takes a lot of money to open a branch library, especially with all of the books and computers needed, as well as staff who need to be paid in order to run the library, Smith said. Not only does the Great River Regional Library have nearly 1 million books, CDs and DVDs and 250 public computers, it also provides services to almost 450,000 residents.

The Great River Regional Library has 32 branch libraries, the newest being in St. Cloud.

“Maybe once a grant is available and the money can be allocated correctly, Sartell will be able to receive their branch,” Smith said.

Even though a branch library is not possible at this time for Sartell, with the right funds available in the future, a branch library may come later.

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