Will life ever be the same?

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Ron Marquette, Sartell

Pandemic (Feb-April 2020)

They say-A virus called Coronavirus or Covid-19 is running rampant across the US and the world. 

They say – This virus is an invisible killer, not discriminating, and is three times as potent as the influenza strand. 

They say – We are told to stay home -“shelter in place” to help slow the spread of this virus.

They say – Businesses are closed, restaurants and bars are empty, schools are closed, sporting events canceled. Cities are like ghost towns. 

They say – Toilet paper is a hot commodity everywhere – people fight over it.

They say – New York is the epicenter of the spread in the US. Other metro areas are also affected, as well as every state. 

They say – Other countries are completely shut down now – the world has an eerie silence.

They say – New York had 800 deaths in one 24-hour period – and some 700 the day before. Freezer trucks pull up to the hospitals to haul away the countless bodies. Funeral homes are overwhelmed. This is all too common. 

They say – A prominent surgeon, a famous country singer, a rock star, and countless others who were special to someone somewhere have succumbed to the virus. 

They say – Nurses and doctors are having a hard time getting enough ventilators and protection equipment. 

They say – Some healthcare workers are seen wearing garbage bags as virus deterrent while treating patients – and they still continue their care. 

They say – A nurse on TV weeps as her patient has just died from the virus – and as she turns towards the camera she collapses to the ground after completing an 18-hour shift.

They say – A young boy peers into the window of a virus-infected nursing home to wave to his favorite grandma, but is unable to go inside to see or hug her. He finds out two days later that she has passed away. 

They say – A vaccine is some time away – many clinical trials need to be completed. 

They say – Our minds and psyche are being bombarded with news about the virus. We long to think of other things and better days. 

When will life get back to normal in 2020? -and will it ever be the same?

We ask- We ask- We pray.

Author: Mike Knaak

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